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A rapper from Indianapolis, Eastside X is an artist who uses his platform as a way to curate versatile content from aesthetics to production. Eastside X is sure to win and proves you can be yourself without trying to duplicate anybody else.

A kid from a small town whos been told he would never achieve his dreams, he describes himself as undeniable, trying to climb past the odds and reach the moon.

A 20 year old Mexican artist coming out of Riverside, CA. My music is really diverse because music has no boundaries so I do whatever I want. This is my first project I’ve ever worked on and i’m glad to share it with everyone.

MXN is a producer/artist from South Bend, IN, who draws his inspiration from various SoundCloud artists. However, MXN has a unique style that takes from depressing/emotional music and trap music.

From the kid who never fit in, to the kid thats going to rock the world. Dont miss your chance to rock the exclusive merch of Lavish of BLVCK TRIVD! With a flow unlike anything and a style thats humble but eccentric, dont miss out on the next wave!

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