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“Lobo is an upcoming artist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s been doing music for three years, he produces, records, mixes, and masters his own music. His new album “Gemini” out now on all major platforms

Hailing from Broward County , Roman6ixv3 has been in the game for nearly a year with a diverse sound throughout his different projects.

The anticipated mixtape WHO portrays Arts feelings in more of a singing project expressing feelings he can’t get over, abusing drugs but not enjoying one bit of it & living a pop star lifestyle, with features by only zalean & Lil Gucci & Felix, with beats from Ranbeats, Muimis & R47 as well for ILYMATSON !!

Yung$!X, is a 21 year old rapper, singer, & songwriter from small town Morehead, KY. She combines quick flows and melodic tunes to create a unique style of music. Her newest album, “Beautiful Desolation” is packed full of 14 dark & sad tunes describing her battle with heartbreak & depression. Find all of Yung$!X’s released music below:

Franklin Indiana artist “C+” drops merch for his up coming mixtape “Mixed emotions.” The meaning of the tape is to relate to everyone going through a major change in their lifes. Some examples He means could be “New job, new school, new place, and or just having to do something new. He also relates to how people would feel in those times with his songs like “This needs to be said” and “WalKOut”. “This needs to be said” and “WalKOut” are angry high energy songs but he also has songs like “Toxic Love” and “Disgusted Taste” which are slower sad songs. Overall C+’s mixtape “Mixed Emotions” will have a song for anyone and everyone

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